Saturday, February 9, 2013

cobalt and baby blue

knit | forever 21, cardigan | costco, pants | h&m

This knit top shrank just enough to look strange with these pants so I located this cardigan and pulled on some mint jewels to make a consistently bright outfit.  The pyramid bracelet is one I've had for awhile but still had the tags on because I hadn't worn it yet; it looked fun with the rest of this outfit and is something I'd wear again

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Old Navy Cash

Before I went on the 30 for 30 shopping hiatus, I spent way too much money on clothes in December (not a new or interesting tidbit, but I'm really bad at saying no to sales) and ended up getting Old Navy Cash that conveniently activated right at the beginning of February.  I waited until the last day to use it and then went shopping for the first time since Christmas Eve.

Here's a look at what I got:
lightweight patterned shirt in black gingham | $24. 94 online, $15 in stores

lightweight patterned shirt in green gingham | $24. 94 online, $15 in stores
With the coupon, the gingham shirts ended up being $9.99 - I absolutely love my blue one and am ready to try some new colors.
lightweight graphic sweater in dark heather gray | $24.94 in store and online

So as I was in line getting ready to check out with my two new gingham shirts and the polka dot sweater, I pulled out my cash/coupons and realized it wasn't two $10 off of $25 - but two $20 off of $50. So naturally, I got out of line considered my February budget and went back to pick up two more items so that I could use all of my ON cash.

crepe shift dress in blue floral | $29.94 online and in stores
I originally passed on this dress because it was a new arrival and still full price but it's the same style as the fuchsia dress that I rocked several times during my 30 for 30 and so I already knew I had multiple ways to wear it. Despite the fact that it does have a lot of blue (a color I'm currently trying to avoid while shopping), I love love love the print and decided to buy it.
button front chiffon top in camel brown | $19.50 online, $29.94 in store
And here is my attempt at branching out - I always avoid browns and tans because of my darker skin tone and so I originally reached for the black and then the white version of this blouse.  But I'm trying to focus on expanding my color palette while shopping and so I tried on the tan and will hopefully wear the living daylights out of this shirt until I feel comfortable enough to buy all of the camel colored things - must. get. more. neutrals.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


dress (worn as top) | h&m, skirt | target (last spring)

During my 30 for 30, I got dressed every day but one in the thirty items I had picked, but one night I changed out of my outfit and into this one to go out for drinks with friends.  I'm 100% guilty of cheating, but after wearing a dress as a blouse I found myself in my closet attempting to see how many of my dresses I could wear this way and fell in love with this outfit.

The dress is one of my faves too - $5 during H&M's fall clearance and the back has the exposed zipper which I love.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

watermelon combo

blouse & cardigan | old navy, pants | h&m
I bought this top last spring off a clearance rack and have struggled with it ever since because it's a size or two too big and does this really cute thing where it shows off my bra straps.  I'd only worn it twice and while sorting through my closet I thought maybe it was time to let it go.  But once I pushed up the sleeves of my cardigan and belted it to give it some shape again, I found that I actually really liked it.  And I really liked this outfit even though it does kind of remind me of watermelon on a 4th of July paper plate (don't lie, you see it too.)

Don't quote me on it, but the 30 for 30 may have made me a clothes' whisperer; I suddenly feel as if I can make everything in my closet work for me somehow.