Friday, October 19, 2012

OotD: Dalmation cardigan

Love the dalmation print sweater I picked up over the weekend and it was perfect to wear under a skinny belt over my zipper embellished black tank from Forever 21. I threw on some mint chino pants and knee high brown leather boots to complete the look.

Simple, but still fun; I really liked today's look. Definitely something I'd recreate.


Thursday, October 18, 2012

OotD: Chevron Pants

I was so excited about the chevron pants I got over the weekend that I had to attempt to style them right away.

I'm not the biggest fan of this outfit so hopefully the next go round is a little better.

white cardigan | old navy
pink tank top | old navy
chevron cropped pants| old navy
Any suggestions on how what to pair these with?


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wear pink!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and so we are encouraged to wear pink as often as we can at my month because we do try to raise money for our breast cancer foundation.

So you can expect to see many posts of me trying to get creative with this.

3/4 pink cardigan | costco (old)
black lace overlay dress | my michelle, thrifted ($5)
I found this really cute black sleeveless lace dress at Goodwill and fell in love. It's a little baggy, but I know immediately that I would be able to belt it and have it fit the way I liked if I didn't take it to a tailor.

Pearl bib necklace | charming charlie's
 I love this necklace, such a great clearance find at CC. It looks great over solid colors or when I wear a busier print and is a nice way to change things up from the standard strand of pearls.

pink glitter skinny belt | walmart
So, this one's a bit of a story.  I have a smaller waist and so a size small ladies skinny belt is still too big.  I spent a long time trying to figure out what I could do when it hit me the other day to go buy some cheap little girl's belts and see if they would fit and work for the purpose of placing a waist belt on some of my looser dresses.  I bought a pack of 3 at WalMart and voila, perfect skinny belt.


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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Steal of the Day

You know that warm feeling you get when you get a really great deal?  It happens to be one of my favorite feelings.  My biggest problem is that I'm always trying to get that feeling, which often leads to my bank account being on a different level than it probably should be...

Anyways, Old Navy had a 30% off coupon that was good in stores this weekend and I took advantage yesterday by picking up a new mint sweater and this cardigan:

Button-Front Stretch Cardigan in Dalmation: originally $24.92; currently marked down to $20 in stores.
I loved this cardigan when I saw it and it ended up being just $14. So great!

So then today, after work I stopped by the other Old Navy, just to peek in and see if there was anything I had to have since today was the last day the coupon was good and I really hit the jackpot.

I started lusting over two pairs of printed, cropped pants from Old Navy over the summer, but only one color I wanted was available in stores and by the time the next sale had rolled around, they were gone. So you can imagine how excited I got when I walked into the clearance section and found multiple pairs and even one in my size!

Bold-Pattern Twill Capris in Blue Print, originally $27.94, on clearance for $6.99.
So...I ended up walking away with these beautiful pants being only $4.90. Does it get any better than that?

I also eyed this pretty chiffon top with birds all over it a few times over the summer:

Printed Ruffled Top in Blue Birds, originally $24.94, on clearance for $12.99 - marked down to $6.49 in stores.
I ended up getting it for $4.54. I was ecstatic when the sales associate told me my total was going to be $10.01. What a great deal!  I can't wait to style these items for the fall weather here. The tank is going to look great underneath some of my cardigans.

Which of your recent steals are you most excited about?