Wednesday, October 3, 2012

the colors in autumn so bright just before they lose it all

- overview of today's outfit -
Lots of mint and various shades of blue today - it's not noticeable until you're close up, but this shirt features a light lavender as well.

3/4 sleeve shirt | talbots, thrifted
mint chino pants | h&m
leatherette saddle bag - old navy (clearance)
I recently got into thrifting and love the rush a good find gives me.  I grabbed this Talbots knit top at the last minute and I'm in love with the way it fits. The shirt is very colorful as I mentioned before and features a richer green at the bottom - perfect for fall, right?

This saddle bag is one of the best cheap finds I've made.  I found it in an Old Navy's clearance section and ended up getting it for $4.  It's a smaller size bag than I typically carry, but I can fit my iPhone, small wallet, Ray Bans, a pack of gum, and car keys into it.  Considering I used it for the end of spring, through the summer and am still carrying it, I'd say it's a pretty well spent $4.

necklace | charlotte russe
This style was (and still is!) featured on Baublebar over the summer and I loved the wide variety of color they've come out with.  I wasn't thrilled about the $35 price tag so I held out and browsed Etsy and Ebay to look for similar styles at lower prices.  I was so surprised when a friend of mine told me to check my local Charlotte Russe -- she'd found the same necklace in two colors at hers and they retail at $6!

double wrap logo stud bracelet | tory burch (similar here)
I got this last year as a Christmas gift and don't wear it nearly enough. The color is beautiful and I love the logo studs.


Monday, October 1, 2012

3 ways to wear: polka dot chambray shirt

polka dot chambray button up | old navy
I hadn't found a chambray shirt that I was completely in love with when I spotted this one online shopping one day.  Right after I purchased it, I realized everyone else had as well - the shirt has been quite popular on instagram recently.  I had briefly worried that the polka dots would limit how I could style the shirt, but I've found that it's a versatile piece.

- paired with orange and gray zig zag skirt -
skirt | target (spring)
coral acrylic chain necklace | target
ring & brown bracelet | charming charlie
pearl and gold bracelet | made myself
Patterns have been huge this season and pattern mixing has been a trend.  I felt comfortable in this mix, because the polka dots aren't so loud that they clash with the skirt.

- tied up over a LBD -
black gladiator sandals | clarks
little black dress | planet funk
ring | versona accessories
I went out to lunch with a friend and wanted something that was light to wear over my sleeveless dress. I skimmed through my closet before pulling out the chambray shirt and tying it into a knot mid-torso. It made the dress more casual and the outfit was easy to run errands in afterwards.

- paired with cream cable knit sweater and coral chino pants -
sweater | ralph lauren
chinos | h&m (similar here)
I hate being cold so I've found pulling a sweater on over a button up is a good way to go during the autumn and winter months.  I rolled the sleeves on my cable knit twice before cuffing the sleeves of the shirt over them.  The fabric is double printed around the cuffs so it made the polka dots look more uniform.  Lots of compliments on this combo at work.

How would you wear the polka dot chambray shirt?

xx Nicole

Breaking out a blazer

Last Thursday, I got to break out my new blazer -- I was pretty pleased. I ended up deciding to pair it with my new cobalt chino pants and a white silk tank.

3/4 sleeve navy blazer - thrifted ($5)
tank - Charlotte Russe
Blue chinos - H&M ($30)

As soon as I saw these pants, I knew I had to have them and luckily they still had my size.  I love the fit of H&M's chinos on me - I picked up two pairs last spring and fell in love.  The pants are so versatile and come in a wide variety of colors so definitely check them out if you can. Also, take note that H&M emails you a 20% off one item coupon when you sign up for their email updates.

Cocktail ring - Charming Charlie ($5)
I love Charming Charlie's so much and was bummed when I found out Louisville didn't have one. Currently, their online shopping isn't available, so I found myself making the trip up to Cincinnati for both H&M and Charming Charlie. I bought so many goodies that will definitely be making appearances soon. This ring felt very retro to me and combined the cobalt blue that is so popular here in Kentucky with a bright green and mint. I got a lot of compliments on it at work.

Left to right: Bubble Necklace, single bubble necklace and bubble pendant necklace - Blue Bird Bride
Three strand black necklace - Charming Charlie
This is my first post, but I wanted to share something pretty cool with you: a discount! I fell in love with bubble necklaces over the summer and found Diane on Etsy.  She was kind enough to offer a discount to my readers and I. Enter the code PATTERNS10 at checkout and you'll get an additional 10% off. She updated her shop recently with some other sales too including a free pendant or single bubble necklace with your purchase of any large statement necklace. There's lots of cute stuff so be sure to check it out.

I hope everyone is enjoying breaking out their fall clothes!