Monday, March 4, 2013

things worth addressing

One of the best things I read this week was this post by Lynette.  A lot of days, I don't feel like posting pictures because I don't feel like I look perfect and so many of the style bloggers I follow look wonderful and perfectly put together in all of their outfit posts.  It was relieving to see someone address that sometimes the struggle is real. What was more relieving was seeing the comments on the post - so many of the bloggers that I follow and head tilt in wonder at, expressed similar feelings.  As sappy as it sounds, it's nice to see a community of women who aren't afraid to share these kinds of issues and I'm so thankful to Lynette for writing the post.

So here's to hopefully updating a little more frequently and not sweating the small things like breakouts, being bloated or wondering if everyone's judging how big my thighs are.

On another note,  I was featured by the lovely Ada of Elegance Personified for her Week's Best Looks post.  I love reading these at the beginning of the week and am so grateful to her for featuring me.  You can check out all of Ada's favorites from last week here.