Saturday, January 12, 2013

30 x 30 | Day Eleven

dress and cords | old navy, scarf | charlotte russe
I'm usually a huge fan of our business casual dress code at work, but we're not allowed to wear pants with sewn on pockets and so all of my cords are useless unless I wear a tunic or long cardigan.  So once again the dress as a shirt came back.  Clearly, I am loving this new to me idea.
ring | versona, belt | betsey johnson via tj maxx 
loving all my bracelets today :)
If you're interested in seeing other 30 x 30 looks be sure to check out all the other ladies: Ginny looked amazing in jewel tones, Amber wore the cutest Forever 21 sweater, Jenna rocked one of my favorite combos: a sweater over a button up, Elissa did this really cool pink gingham meets leather jacket combo that I'm still dying over,  Kim had fun with chambray and animal print (LOVE), Daliene introduced me to her incredible sense of style with polka dots and stripes and key patterns (not all at once), Jess dressed up some stripesand the lovely Sam made me seriously consider burgundy boots.  Seeing everyone's sense of style has been so much fun.



  1. Love this idea! I'm a big fan of the half tuck (at least that's what I call it, I don't know...haha), that you're doing here! :)

    Jess - J's Style

  2. I kind of want to jump through the computer and steal those bracelets off your wrists. Love them! Thanks for the shout out too!

  3. Hey Nicole, I was nominated recently for the Liebster Award, so now I'm passing along the love.'ve been tagged/nominated! I <3 your blog & felt you were more than deserving of the nomination. Have an awesome day!

    My Liebster Award post:

    xo, Angela