Friday, January 11, 2013

30 x 30 | Day Ten

First, I have to share this cute story about Charles the Monarch, a labradoodle that was mistaken for a baby lion.  Here's a video of him:

Isn't he the cutest?

Things that weren't cute: the original outfit I pulled on today. I think being in a blah mood definitely was part of my feelings but let me take responsibility and say I have no idea why I thought wearing a cardigan under a cap sleeve dress was going to be a great look. After changing out of the monstrosity, I still wasn't in love with the outfit but mediocrity is okay when you're not leaving your house all day.

cardigan | dkny jeans via costco, dress | old navy, leggings | ???

This is the first time I've worn these two items during this challenge so the bar is low. Let's see what happens in the next twenty days.

necklace | charming charlie, belt | charlotte russe
It is, in fact, day ten of the challenge meaning I'm 1/3 of the way there. Quick recap of the first nine days for anyone new to the party or not looking to click through pages.

30 x 30 challenge days one through nine.
What I can tell you after ten days:

  • There are at least two weeks of outfits in that polka dot chambray shirt. I had to mentally stop myself from going back to it today. Once my shopping ban is over, I will most certainly be investing in another chambray button up.  In the meantime, prepare yourself for an onslaught of outfits including this one.
  • Doing a challenge like this forces you to wear things in ways you normally wouldn't think to - I'd never worn a tank as a vest, dress as a blouse or layered dresses before this.
  • I don't need to shop as much as I do (this is something I will deny post challenge).
  • And an honorable mention bullet for anyone considering a 30 x 30: don't include shoes or outerwear.  I didn't include accessories and I think that these items fall into those categories.  I'm iffy about blazers, personally, I think I'd include them in the count, but I think picking out 30 items from dresses, skirts, pants, blouses and shorts is enough.


  1. I love your outfit today, Nicole!! And I also love your little recap from the past 9 days! I want to do one 1/2 way through (so only a few more days!). I definitely agree about not including shoes. I broke the rules today and wore a blazer that's not included in my original 30x30 pieces but i counted it as outerwear ;)

    -Jenna Brianne

    1. Excited to see your recap in a couple days ;)

  2. Great recap, I agree with the need to not shop as much but I still bought tow skirts at Target this week on clearance and a dress at Goodwill. I have no willpower....

  3. I think you've been doing such a good job of remixing your clothes! I think the chambray with the teal cardigan is my favorite so far :)

    1. Definitely one of my favorites! Thank you so, so much for your sweet comments :)

  4. OMG THAT DOG. THAT DOOOOGGGGGGG! Oh AND my aunt just got me a Charming Charlie necklace for Christmas - I'd never heard of it!! But your necklace is cute, and my necklace is cute, so I feel like they must have great stuff and I need to find one NOWWW.

    Samantha @ Sam ipsa loquitur

    1. Don't you just want to adopt him?!

      Charming Charlie's has AMAZING things and their clearance section is always overloaded with great finds - if you have one near you, goooo!