Saturday, February 9, 2013

cobalt and baby blue

knit | forever 21, cardigan | costco, pants | h&m

This knit top shrank just enough to look strange with these pants so I located this cardigan and pulled on some mint jewels to make a consistently bright outfit.  The pyramid bracelet is one I've had for awhile but still had the tags on because I hadn't worn it yet; it looked fun with the rest of this outfit and is something I'd wear again


  1. I absolutely love the color combo, Nicole!

    And I always do that too! Buy things, never actually wear them with anything, and then I remember it, and I get excited because it feels like I went out and got something new!


  2. Your outfit matches your blog layout!! ;D so cute!! This color combination is great...I'm sad I don't own anything in mint except for my bubble necklace :( I gotta fix this before spring comes!!

    -Jenna Brianne

    1. Thanks Jenna! And yes, you definitely should add some more mint - it's such a fun color for spring :)