Tuesday, February 5, 2013

watermelon combo

blouse & cardigan | old navy, pants | h&m
I bought this top last spring off a clearance rack and have struggled with it ever since because it's a size or two too big and does this really cute thing where it shows off my bra straps.  I'd only worn it twice and while sorting through my closet I thought maybe it was time to let it go.  But once I pushed up the sleeves of my cardigan and belted it to give it some shape again, I found that I actually really liked it.  And I really liked this outfit even though it does kind of remind me of watermelon on a 4th of July paper plate (don't lie, you see it too.)

Don't quote me on it, but the 30 for 30 may have made me a clothes' whisperer; I suddenly feel as if I can make everything in my closet work for me somehow.