Friday, February 1, 2013

30 x 30 | The Recap

I wrapped up my 30 for 30 challenge yesterday and it was such a rewarding experience.  I got the opportunity to meet so many awesome bloggers, I saved money while not shopping for clothes every week and most importantly, I learned how versatile pieces in my closet are.  When I first started my blog I wasn't really sure how often I should post and what about because I felt like I needed to feature new clothes in each post. Gone are those days.

I have every intention of utilizing my own clothes and styling things in more than just the first way I think of.  Thanks to everyone who followed the journey this month and left kind comments, suggestions and encouragement - it was much appreciated :) Here's a look back at January:

Here's my top four:

My most versatile piece was my chambray shirt which was what I expected.  The items that most surprised me with their flexibility were the dresses.  I had a couple more potential outfits planned out for my black lace dress, the fuchsia dress introduced me to the concept of wearing a dress as a blouse and I'd never done anything but belt the pink houndstooth dress.  I'm really excited to play with all of the dresses in my closet now. And the item I struggled with the most? I was really surprised with how disenchanting I found my cream Ralph Lauren sweater, but other than by itself or layered over a button up, I couldn't think of ways to wear it. I'm sure someone out there has an idea so please leave it below so I can fawn over you in a later post.

The outfits that didn't make it into the challenge, but I really loved:

Before this post gets crazy long (too late, it already is) - tips and tricks to a successful 30 x 30 challenge:

  • If possible, take on the challenge with a blogging (or non-blogging) friend.  The peer pressure will help you stay on track and having someone else to bounce ideas off of is always beneficial.
  • ACCESSORIES - I have a borderline obnoxious amount of jewelry and scarves but these are the ways to change up a knit tee or solid dress.  I used my accessories to add color and give new life to items that were worn three or four times in the span of a month.
  • Know that you can wear something two days in a row and no one will notice if you style it differently.  One of my greatest fears is someone noticing my outfit repeating - so much so that even before I started this blog, I would snap a pic of what I wore so I could not wear it for a couple of weeks, sometimes months.  I couldn't quite conquer the fear completely while this challenge was going on, but get ready to see a consecutive week of chambray shirt outfits (kidding - or am I?)
  • Pick a diverse group of items.  Examples: midway I started to feel like I had the blues and then I paid closer attention: seven of my thirty items were a shade of blue. I unknowingly gravitate towards navy and cobalt while shopping, but I started to feel really repetitive and limited because of the amount of blue I had picked out. Go for some neutrals and some bright, vibrant shades. Variety is the spice of life - so when you throw in that chevron top that's totes adorbs, be sure to also throw in some solid pieces that can mix easily.  Mix it up with button ups and knits, dresses and skirts and pants. And throw in some cardigans.
  • Plan. Sam suggested having some outfits already planned out for the mornings when you wake up late, the ones when you can't decide what to wear and for when you just get fed up.  This saved me from looking like a hot mess a few times.  Don't be afraid to take to Pinterest to get ideas for 'yellow pencil skirt,' you'll be pleasantly surprised by the inspiration you find.
  • And lastly, be adventurous - try trends you're nervous about, wear things in new ways, wear color schemes that people consider reserved for certain seasons and have fun!


  1. Whoop, whoop, you did it! I'm so glad to be done too and happy to do this challenge with you :) I'm planning my recap for Monday :)

  2. You did AMAZING. And your tips are spot on - especially that whole "no one notices repeats" things. SO TRUE! I used to freak out about it and now I couldn't care less. So glad you joined us little lady, I've loved following along :)

    Samantha @ Sam ipsa loquitur

  3. Hi, just found your blog and I love your style!!!

  4. You totally rocked this challenge, way to go! I loved how colorful and fun your outfits from this challenge were. I'm so impressed that you snapped photos of additional outfits using your 30 items too - wow!

  5. I'm also impressed that you had even more than 30 outfits! I'm loving that really bright yellow skirt and the mint baublebar necklace! (at least I think it's from bauble bar - its so pretty either way!)

    Professionally Petite