Friday, February 1, 2013

30 x 30 | Day Thirty

knit | forever xxi, (dress worn as) skirt | old navy

Yesterday was the last day of the 30 x 30 challenge and this was the outfit I wrapped up with.  And it was a slight challenge for me; I know it's fine to break the navy with black rule these days but I still struggle with it.  This dress isn't a dark navy so I felt okay going with the black tights (especially when I saw it was snowing this bare legs for this girl!).  The yellow striped shirt had only been worn twice so I pulled it over and I really liked it - this dress has pockets so I was a little worried about it possibly making me look hippier than usual, but it didn't so A++ to this dress. Or I said yes to the dress, insert various rhymes/puns here.

I'm so excited to wake up in the morning and wear whatever I want from any part of my closet, but this was such a fun challenge and one I definitely want to repeat on the blog.

I won't get all sappy on everyone yet - I'll be back sometime today with the 30 x 30 recap and some last thoughts on the challenge, advice for anyone considering doing one in February/March/whenever, my favorite and least favorite outfits and maybe even some outfits that didn't make it into the challenge?

"See" you soon!


  1. I love your yellow striped boatneck top! I just came across it yesterday while I was browsing the F21 site:)! Looks great with the navy skirt/dress:)!

    1. Thanks Rita! It's definitely one of my favorites - I was so glad F21 brought back the similar style this year!

  2. So simple and cute - I love this look!

    Pearls & Paws

  3. Congratulations on completing this challenge! Now go have fun in your closet! This look is creative and turned out well. Love the yellow shirt!

  4. I want to do one leading up to me turning 30 in mid-July, something like 30 x 30 for turning 30. I had a lot of trouble this time because of the weird weather in my area and the terrible fit/quality of my clothes. So, the weather will be much more steady in June/July, and I think I could have a lot of fun with it...and actually finish it!

    Congrats on finishing yours! You've had a lot of cute outfits!

    Amber (that will someday be glorious