Tuesday, January 15, 2013

30 x 30 | Day Fourteen

Today was such a bleh day - woke up after three hours of sleep to mother calling me frantically about car trouble, raced from the Lexus dealer back to the house to let one of the contractors in, rushed through a shower, realized I seem to have misplaced my winter foundation and so my face looks like it received a terrible spray tan, went to work with spray tan face still on and left work to find a nice sleet snow combo covering the roads.  So looking forward to spending some one on one time with my bed.

dress | h&m, tank | old navy, leggings | under armor
I cannot believe that I will be halfway through doing this challenge tomorrow; it has been such a blast and has introduced me to so many amazing bloggers (Thanks Sam!).

Linking up with Shanna and The Pleated Poppy today :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Yay....you are almost done!!! Way to go!!! And thanks a million for linking up!!!

  2. Cute dress! I have the white version and was contemplating this one too, but by the time I went to get it, it was gone! Don't you hate when that happens?

    Stopping in from WIWW...


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    1. That is always the worst feeling! Thanks for visiting :)

  3. Cute mix and bummer about your foundation :( almost halfway done! Whoop,whoop!

  4. Wow, what a day--- I bet you were happy to kick your feet up when you did. I've had days like that too, and oh, the make-up, not having my stuff in place drives me insane-- I can totally imagine how you felt about that one. Congratulations on your nomination for the liebster award!!! I found you over at selfless ambition... I'm following you now. xoxo

    Maya D

  5. I love that bright top! And man, that sounds like a crazy busy day! I'm 'lucky' enough that I really can't tan at all....so I can use 1 foundation all year long. I'm just always pale. :P