Wednesday, February 13, 2013

wheelin' and dealin'

I hadn't planned on going thrifting, but suddenly my car took me and I'm pretty pleased with the results!

floral printed silk turtleneck | talbot's
 Love the thought of this with black dress pants and a solid neon scarf!

coral silk pencil skirt
This skirt is 100% silk and I could not pass on it.

cream pencil skirt | talbot's
I am obsessed, head over heels in love with this skirt guys.  I really do love the way it looks over my black lace dress and it's looked so beautiful with the pieces in my closet that I've tried it on with.

pencil skirt | talbot's
I've been all about jewel tones recently (my whole life) so this is a step outside of what I'd usually go for.  This hue feels more muted to me but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this shade once I tried it on.

And I love the way these Talbot's skirts fit me as well.  Not sure I love them enough to start paying full price for them, but I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for them in future thrifting adventures.

red pencil skirt
I promise this skirt and the coral skirt are definitely different shades in person and I'm thrilled about them both since I didn't own any red skirts or shorts before this.

skirt (includes belt) | target
Funny story about this skirt: Target released these last spring and I bought two very similar and then forced myself to wait before buying any more.  When I decided that I did want another, they were sold out of my size.  So when I found this one with the tags still on, I got really excited and decided to try it on despite it being an extra small.

Nothing is more forgiving than a skirt that features elastic and buttons.  The pink belt is gorgeous and I am crazy about the color of the skirt (yay jewel tones!).

skirt | the limited
I own so much black but this skirt is a different length than the other black skirts I own.

skirt recap

The absolute best thing about all of these items? They all cost $3 and as you can see from the pictures - they all match items already in my closet. For the longest time, I thought that thrifting was a skill that I couldn't possess and now I find myself going to look through racks when I get bored.

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  1. Don't ya just love thrifting? You have some fabulous finds there. That turquoise skirt is too cute.


    1. I thought so too! Thanks so much for stopping by :)

  2. Wow! Major score on all of those skirts! I've started to enjoy thrifting myself..can't beat paying $3 for any article of clothing. Great finds :) xo Angela

    1. It's so rewarding but can be frustrating at times - hope to see some of your finds soon Angela!

  3. Congratulations! Watch out it can be addicting! You are so lucky to find so many great skirts. I was so disappointed this week as with my weight loss I wanted to replace and get ready for spring by way of skirts and only found one... the smaller I get the harder it is to find them... Might need to check out different thrift stores as this may just be a problem with this location... You've inspired me to give it another chance!

    1. Congratulations on the weight loss! There's two stores that I do most of my thrifting at and another two that I stop by from time to time because they usually don't have much but sometimes I do come across something. Hope you find some great skirts soon!

  4. Six skirts for a total of $18?! That's amazing! I'm in love with the red pencil skirt! Happy V-day girl:)!

    1. It was an amazing day! I was still shocked at how much I had found and how cheap it was when the cashier was ringing me up because you really cannot beat $3 for a skirt.

      Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. ooooh! you have some amazing finds! makin me wanna hit my nearest thrift store girl haha! have a great weekend!

    C's Evolution of Style

    1. I hope you do! You always have such awesome finds; I love seeing them on your blog ;)