Friday, January 25, 2013

30 x 30 | Day Twenty Three

cardigan | old navy, lace dress (worn as top) | thrifted $4, skirt | worthington for jcpenney
necklace | target, belt | walmart

We got crazy great wonderful news in Louisville yesterday -- we're finally getting an H&M!!! I had to use extra exclamation points to show you all just how excited I am. H&M is one of my favorite stores and I've been making the hour and a half drive up to Cincinnati or Indianapolis to stock up when they have sales.  I'm so pleased that I'll be fifteen minutes away from one this fall :)

What store are you still waiting to locate closer to you?

Happy Friday!


  1. Thats awesome news! I can't even imagine having one of my favorite stores so far away...i guess i've been spoiled living like 15 minutes away from a pretty large mall. This outfit is adorable! The pops of pink are so pretty and that cardigan is great :)

    -Jenna Brianne

  2. Lucky you! The closest H&M to me is an hour drive, and I really only make that trip once or twice a year. H&M is the only store I always have luck at!

    1. I know, I always end up finding things I love (and can wear different ways) so I'm pretty excited.

  3. Hi! I found you via Selfless Ambition. I LOVE H&M! And we just got one in decemeber- so happy! I also had a coupon frmo signing up on their email list which came in really handy during the gran opening! We used to have a Charlotte Russe, but the mall I'm close to just got rid of it- so sad! I think that's the only other one I would want nearby- great styles and prices! I love that the skirt has pockets- looks cute!

  4. We're getting one in Nashville too!! It must be their time to dominate the Southeast lol. Love this outfit too, by the way. I'm wearing black, white, and gray today and wishing I had thrown in some colorful accents...