Monday, December 17, 2012

the week in recap

This last week was all about attempting to gear up for the holidays: prepping Christmas cards, looking at dresses for New Years and failing at Christmas shopping. Cheers to having another week, right?

So let's see - I decided I wanted to mail Christmas cards to far away friends and that I wanted to make them instead of buying a pack.  I'm almost finished writing them and just have to stop by the post office to pick up holiday stamps and then that will be crossed off my list (HOORAY!).  Here's a sneak peek:

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I also picked up a pretty awesome gift for one of my friends.

I know a few places are carrying OPI's Top Ten set - Ulta featured it as their "Deal of the Day" over the weekend so it was $14.95 instead of $24.95.  Still, what a great price for these colors and they are grouped so you can break it into a top five for coworkers or stocking stuffers.  I almost justified buying myself a set but I held out.

Finally, the outfits I want to share with you all today.  I lovelovelove putting together different outfits this season for holiday parties, family gatherings and just being festive for going shopping, etc.

Tartan shirt dressed up and worn casually
I picked up this tartan shirt from Old Navy (similar here) on super sale for $13.30 and knew it would be all I wore come December...and I was right.  I was messing around with it while trying to decide what to wear for a Christmas party this upcoming weekend and paired it with my brocade skirt that I wrote about in my last post.  I liked the look so much that I threw on some gold accents and wore it to work on Saturday...and then wore it right on over to a Christmas party, so I guess I'll have to try something different this weekend.

I lazed around and then ran errands before working on Christmas cards on Sunday so I unrolled the sleeves and threw the shirt on over leggings and a Jimi Hendrix tshirt for a much more casual look.  Which look do you like better?

Of the two looks, I favor the dressed up version:

I may just end up repeating this outfit for Christmas Day (shhhh! don't tell!)

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:) Nicole


  1. ooh! i love what you did with the shirt! I need some flannel shirts!

  2. I like both outfits but especially the dressed up one!!! I'm glad I found your blog, I like your style! Now following :)


    1. Aww thank you so much for commenting and for following!