Sunday, October 28, 2012

what I wore

I feel like it's been so long since I've posted so I figured I'd start with a run down of the past week or so in outfits.

deep purple cardigan | costco, last season
purple paisley shift dress | dressbarn
glittery purple skinny belt | walmart
necklace | charming charlie's
silver bracelet | versona
I jokingly referred to this outfit as 50 shades of purple to a friend, but I think it's a pretty accurate name.  I paired it with black leggings and tan boots since it has been getting cold lately and got a ton of compliments on how well put together the end result was.

pink 3/4 sleeve cardigan | costco, old
navy bird print tank | old navy
khaki chino pants | h&m
I'm loving the animal silhouette trend that seems to be catching on lately because they add a memorable detail to my favorite combo: cardigans + chinos.

cream and black lace a-line dress | h&m, fall sale ($10)
black skinny belt | walmart
 The skinny belts I bought out of the kids' department at WalMart have been so versatile.  I'm thinking I may expand the collection soon by adding a gold sequined one from Target.

white cardigan | old navy
ikat printed top | target
yellow bubble necklace | blue bird bride  on etsy
blue chino pants | h&m
I found this top as I was digging through my dresser the other day and remembered that I'd only worn it once since buying it for $10 on sale at Target.  I think this outfit would look even cuter with a yellow or cobalt blue cardigan instead of white.

polka dot chambray button up | old navy
black dress | boutique
statement necklace | charming charlie's
peacock patterned tights | apt. 9
I was in love with this outfit. I bought these gorgeous tights in preparation for fall and I think they are so fun.  Looking forward to finding different ways to wear them.

today's outfit:
blue gingham button up | old navy
cream sweater | polo ralph lauren
blue chino pants | h&m
Sweaters over button ups always keep me warm and I get cold pretty easily so this combo will be popping up quite frequently :)

What are your favorite combos for fall?


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